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Katamari Dementia

January 3, 2007

My kids got Katamari Damacy for Christmas. So now, my wrists are killing me and I can’t get that song out of my head. Last night we went to a furniture store. Katamari fans will understand that I caught myself staring at a sea of dining room sets with a silly grin on my face.

I think the last time I had it this bad for a video game was Snake Byte on the Apple II.


Title: Katamari Damacy; Platform: Sony Playstation II; Publisher: Namco; Rating: E (Everyone); I highly recommend it.

The Onion Cellar

January 1, 2007

One of the highlights my vacation was seeing three live shows in the space of eight days—a record, I think, since having kids.

The best of the three by far was The Onion Cellar—an experimental collaboration between The Dresden Dolls (a rock duo), and the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The point of the experiment is to produce a cathartic emotional experience for the audience.

There is no main plot in The Onion Cellar—only a handful of short dramatic vignettes. But that is okay. It is basically the Dresden Dolls’ regular “brechtian punk cabaret” show, plus a bit of story and some world-class acting talent.

The music combined with the dramatic vignettes definitely add up to a more powerful whole than the sum of the individual parts. Bottom line: the experiment works.


Now through January 13, Zero Arrow Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Tickets $15 (student rush) – $50