Shifts Happen

sign.jpgCecropia’s web site has a new look. Because Cecropia has a new direction. After many fruitful years of experimenting in the fascinating laboratory of coin-operated video games, we have decided to leave the coin-op world behind us. It is a new millenium. We are focused on the Internet.

The Act taught us a lot about creating an emotional connection between game players and interactive characters. That connection can be a powerful force. We think the best place to apply it now is in interactive advertising.

7 Responses to “Shifts Happen”

  1. Travis Says:

    You guys should base your cool-looking game on the show, “The Pickup Artist”. “The Pickup Artist” is how a dude should treat the ladies. I don’t know how your video game plays, it just has nice graphics as far as I know.

  2. Tom Says:

    Your sample game on the cecropia site doesn’t work on my Linux machine running Firefox (the guy is holding letters that say “chips” and he can’t eat them). I tried it on my MAC and I can see the bag and he can eat from it, but the game is just too hard. Recommend you do some more testing with Linux users who have ADD.

  3. Omar Khudari Says:

    Hi Tom. Your problem on Linux is an old version of the Flash plugin. We are looking into detecting that condition and warning. Your problem on the Mac is that you don’t know how to treat a lady! Practice, my friend! 🙂

  4. Jim Says:

    Hi Omar,
    The flash version posted works just fine on my Intel Mac. It has the same feel as the arcade version from what I remember. I am in LA at the FITC rich media convention, and I saw several very cool enhancements that might add even more nuance to your new Flash version.

    Good luck

  5. Dan Weinreb Says:

    Are you going straight to advertising, or is there any chance we’ll see a home version of “The Act”? It looks fantastic, but standing at a coin-op machine in an arcade doesn’t fit into my lifestyle too well. In any case, the technology looks great!

  6. Denise Goodson Says:

    I’m curious as to why The Act as not ported to a home game system if the coin-op paradigm didn’t suit. It seems to me that it would be perfect for the Wii.

  7. Roberto Ahumada Says:

    Im interested in buying “the act” for my home, but I havent found one on the internet. can someone help me???

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