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Shifts Happen

September 19, 2007

sign.jpgCecropia’s web site has a new look. Because Cecropia has a new direction. After many fruitful years of experimenting in the fascinating laboratory of coin-operated video games, we have decided to leave the coin-op world behind us. It is a new millenium. We are focused on the Internet.

The Act taught us a lot about creating an emotional connection between game players and interactive characters. That connection can be a powerful force. We think the best place to apply it now is in interactive advertising.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

January 25, 2007

dragonslair-arcadescreenshot.jpgMany people (including this group of passionate Dragon’s Lair fans) have asked how The Act compares to the fabulous Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, and the other animated laser disc games of the 80’s. I love being mentioned in the same breath with these legends of video game design. I like to think the artwork of The Act is similar to the artistry of Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy and other ex-Disney greats who created the beautiful artwork of the Dragon’s Lair series.

However, Dragon’s Lair‘s interactivity was limited by its optical disc technology (and the high cost of RAM at the time). The Act, by contrast, allows direct control over a character—more like Donkey Kong than Dragon’s Lair.

The Act‘s biggest innovation is that the player’s direct control is not over physical actions like running, climbing and jumping. Instead, you control emotional attitude like coaxing, flirting, and bullying. The gameplay of The Act revolves around the same thing that makes the story interesting: the relationships and emotions of its characters.

In developing The Act, we experimented with many different graphical styles including CGI and machinima. We even tried video taping live actors. However, it wasn’t until we met Anthony Michaels, Broose Johnson, Barry Temple, Sasha Dorogov, and all the other awesome veterans of Walt Disney Feature Animation’s Orlando studio that we began to achieve the level of acting required to make the “emotional gameplay” work.

Boston Herald Article

January 11, 2007

There is a nice article about The Act by Lauren Beckham Falcone in today’s Boston Herald. Thanks, Lauren! 🙂

Terrible picture of me, though. Do I really look that old? 😦

Connecticut Gets into The Act!

January 10, 2007

cabinet-photo-med.jpgThe Act is now on location at the Se Condi truck stop in Milford, Connecticut (exit 40 off I95—halfway between New Haven and Bridgeport). We had such success at a truck stop in New Hampshire, we thought we’d try another one. 🙂

For up-to-date location listings, check the web site.

Vacation Surprises

December 29, 2006

I have just returned from a memorable vacation. The family car broke down, so we had to leave it at a mechanic in Connecticut and continue in a rental. Then the family dog became so ill, she ended up in an animal hospital in New Jersey. 😦

But while I was away, some nice things happened. Mass High Tech published a nice story about The Act by Christopher Calnan. And Harry McCracken, Editor in Chief of PCWorld, wrote a really nice review of The Act on his blog. 🙂

Perhaps I should go away more often! Or…not.

The Act on NECN!

December 16, 2006

necn.jpgNew England Cable News did a nice story about The Act last night. It will be on their web site for a limited time.

P.S. Here is a direct link to the story.

The Act at Cityside!

November 28, 2006

cityside-logo.pngThe Act is now installed at Cityside Bar and Grille in Cleveland Circle (1960 Beacon St., Brighton, Massachusetts). Cityside looks like a fun place! They have Team Trivia every Wednesday night and speed dating once a month. Um… I won’t be trying that—but the steak tips look good! 🙂

Our First Ad!

November 27, 2006

As part of our field test of The Act, we are running this advertisement in the pre-movie slide show at the Circle Cinema in Brighton, Massachusetts. We will monitor the earnings at the advertised locations to see how effective the advertisement is.


The design is Joe Calabresi‘s handiwork—proving that his talents are not limited to incredibly appealing illustrations. The photograph is by Tanit Sakakini—the photographer with the supermodel name. If you ever meet her, you will agree that she should really be working on the other side of the lens as well! 🙂

Red Herring Article

November 22, 2006

We just got a copy of the November 6 issue of Red Herring, with a nice article about The Act! 🙂 The article is not available on Red Herring‘s web site, but we have reprinted it here on the Cecropia site.

David Kaemmer Shows his Stuff

November 20, 2006

Cecropia board member and CEO, J. David Kaemmer, competed in the Skip Barber Masters National race at Road Atlanta last weekend. Here are some photos of Dave sporting signage:



Not only has Dave invented the world’s coolest driving simulation technology, but he has also invented a way to convince his wife that he needs to spend the weekend racing! Way to go, Dave!