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Red and Blue Volunteers Needed

November 16, 2006

Laura Chasin of Public Conversations Project sent me this link about a new experiment they are running. They are managing a facilitated online dialogue between people with different political points of view. The purpose of this effort is to “reduce invective debate and [to] set the stage for the deeper dialogue [that is] so necessary to…solving the problems our nation faces.”

I participated in a different PCP dialogue (live, not online) years ago, and I have to say it was extremely rewarding. Before the dialogue, I was terribly worried about it, because I was afraid of

  • insulting someone
  • being insulted
  • losing an argument
  • getting angry
  • making someone else angry

PCP has a fascinating system for preventing all these unpleasant things from happening. Their process has its roots in family therapy.

They need several hundred volunteers to try the online experiment. Time commitment: about 2-3 hours over a period of 2 weeks.