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Boston Herald Article

January 11, 2007

There is a nice article about The Act by Lauren Beckham Falcone in today’s Boston Herald. Thanks, Lauren! 🙂

Terrible picture of me, though. Do I really look that old? 😦

Baxter Park Acquires Katahdin Lakes

December 22, 2006

Jerry and Marcy MonkmanThe Portland Press Herald reports that one of my favorite places, Baxter State Park in Maine, has just expanded its borders by acquiring a key, adjacent parcel of land. The puchase was funded by the charitable contributions of hundreds of individuals, corporations and foundations.

The 200,000 acre park is unique among state and national parks in the United States. Most other parks, including all National Parks, are managed with the express purpose of enabling human enjoyment of the land. Baxter State Park is managed under the guidelines of a trust written by the late Percival Baxter. The rules are clear: the park is for the wildlife, and human visitors are barely tolerated. The trust keeps the wilderness pristine, and the experience of visiting it difficult and humbling.

Attendance at the park has been declining steadily since 1996. Studies have shown that all wilderness recreation has been suffering, due in part to gasoline prices, but also because of—God help us—video games.

Despite the fact that making video games has been my livelihood for the past 24 years, I think it’s a shame that the appeal of video games has taken away from people’s desire to experience the wild. The human race has been around for 250,000 years—human civilization only 13,000. I enjoy Baxter State Park, because there I can be in touch with what the world was like for the first 237,000. It helps me keep things in perspective.

More Screener Scrimmaging

December 21, 2006

dga_logo2.gifAn article in today’s Hollywood Reporter says that the Director’s Guild of America has announced a one-year ban on the practice of sending out DVD copies of movies (called “screeners”) to DGA members in advance of the 59th Annual DGA Awards.

Film distributors send out screeners to judges in hopes of increasing a film’s chance of winning awards. The practice has had a controversial history. Proponents say screeners level the playing field and give low-budget films a chance against highly visible big-budget films. In 2003, screeners were briefly banned for Academy Award contenders, until a lawsuit overturned the ban.

Peerflix Now Offers Cash for Old DVDs

December 17, 2006

DVD swapping site Peerflix (which I have written about before) just announced a major new feature: you can now get cash for your old DVDs instead of just Peerbux (trading credit).

I am guessing this new feature is in response to a number of vocal critics who have built up a large backlog of Peerbux. These tend to be people who started off with a large library of DVDs in the first place. I am not one of them. I started off with a half dozen. I am constantly bumping up against a zero Peerbux balance even as my library grows. (more…)

The Act on NECN!

December 16, 2006

necn.jpgNew England Cable News did a nice story about The Act last night. It will be on their web site for a limited time.

P.S. Here is a direct link to the story.