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Not Just for Napping

December 2, 2006

I have written about Pzizz before, but I am now officially a fan. There are two “modules” that can be bought separately: an “energizer” module (for naps) that wakes you up at the end and a “sleep” module that doesn’t. I used the sleep module on a redeye flight home from Seattle Thursday night. What a product! We flew through a cold front over Toronto and the turbulence woke me up. No problem, I just ran Pzizz again. On Friday night, I was overtired, but jet-lagged, and I felt I really had to go to bed early to make sure I caught up on sleep. Pzizz to the rescue again!

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Sleep tapes have been around for ages.” This is true. However, Pzizz offers one innovation that is the “tipping point” for me: it is different every time you use it.

Repeated speech is annoying. This is an effect that video game developers have long struggled with (and one reason why we decided to do without dialogue altogether in The Act). There is a lot of repetition from one Pzizz track to the next. However, there is just enough variety that it feels a little like a real person talking through a familiar routine.

I still don’t want to be caught napping at work, so I think the killer app is the sleep module, not the energizer (nap) module. Pzizz is very focused on promoting the energizer module. Do they know how big the sleeping pill market is?

Napping: The Ninth Habit of Effective People

November 17, 2006

I thought it was a joke when I first saw Merlin Mann’s blog post about software that helps you take a nap to increase productivity. I mean, “ultradian rhythms?” That sounds like something out of Star Trek. But apparently, it’s for real. The software is called “Pzizz,” and thanks in part to Merlin, it’s the hottest thing since espresso.

I have downloaded a copy, but I have not yet gotten up the nerve to try it. I can’t figure out what I would put on my time sheet. 🙂

Update 11/27/2006: I tried a Pzizz nap at home this weekend and it worked great! However, I still don’t want to risk napping at work. I don’t think Starbucks has anything to worry about just yet.