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Crash Course

August 26, 2011

I just finished watching all 22 videos of Chris Marentson’s Crash Course. Being naturally paranoid myself, I am now paralyzed with fear. If you haven’t seen the videos, Chris is predicting economic collapse, and he makes a very good case. I have searched the Internet for criticism of Martenson, and it is hard to find. He appears to be a well-meaning, almost altruistic person, who has developed the videos with his own money, just to warn everybody.

My only problem is that Chris recommends buying gold as a hedge. This might have been a good idea 4 years ago, when Chris first published The Crash Course, but today the chart of gold prices looks like Chris’s own textbook example of a market bubble. And since Chris himself has been buying gold heavily for the past 4 years, the advice is starting to seem tainted. I’m wondering if the whole Crash Course might have been part of a pump-and-dump scheme. (See what I mean about paranoia?)